Voila my fav Versace.

Versace Link to the show.


The background music:

”Am I happy with who I am?”

”Am I happy with people around me?”

”Am I happy with my life?”

”Do I have a life or am I just living?”

”Do I spend to much time thinking and not much doing?”

”Will I die never knowing what I could have been”

”Just point yourself in the direction of your dreams”

Gigi-Hadid--Versace-Fashion-Show-SS-2016--02 2016



Brown eyes. Blonde hair.

Woke up early because of a model job for a new fashion brand. We took cool photos with graffiti background. I will show them later in this blog, when the time comes.

Look at that these amazing photos! Suede and brown and details and some skin. Anna Ewers got the price as the model of the year 2015. A lot of people thought that Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid would get that price. but nono. It is this brown eyed blond haired beauty that won.