Happy New years

My mom once told me that the way you spend your new years eve the whole year will look similar. I usually don’t believe in these ”sayings” but I have it in the back of my head, permanent like a tattoo.

I am not into fireworks and big crowds so I rather spend new years eve somewhere as far from this as possible with people I like and music I love. The first days of my new year started off like this, very calm and relaxed. No phones, no time, just the best company you can wish for and nothing else. Happy 2016! But I have to tell you about last year…..

Last year I celebrated new years eve with my family and closest friends in a very cool burlesque/great gatsby party where everyone was dressed up after the theme, it was amazing and so much fun. She food was great and the show was spectacular! It was a big party and one fun part was that it was ”special” people there which made it very interesting. I remember I danced with a guy which also kissed me after a while on the dancefloor, it was a nice moment until his wife showed up. I did not know he had a wife until she showed up and about their open relationship or what it was. I got scared at first that she would be mad at me but then she wanted to kiss with me as well. She got a bit dissapointed that I did not want to kiss with her too and he wanted to stay with me so it was such a weird situation. They talked and she left, I thought it was a very strange situation and was a bit concerened about their relationship. And with all this I have my mom dancing not far away from me with my best friends dad. She asked me later about ”the cute guy” and I did not know what to answer. Well it was super fun anyway, I enjoy when a bit odd things happen as long as nobody gets hurt.

So I really recommend you to celebrate your new years eve with Fräulein Frauke masquarade ball in Stockholm. If you want to have the best new years eve celebration you will ever have! We were about 3 families with dinner and show tickets and this is the best way to get into the real mood of a burlesque evening. Everyone was happy with this evening!



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