Flowers and fur



Lovely jacket!

Golden details 🙂




Lucky Blue Smith


One thing that I really like is Platinum blonde hair, on guys! I think it i cool and rare. And I am talking on a fashionable level. This model, Lucky Blue Smith, he is born to become a brand. His name and his style, it is almost on the point where it gets to much but still keeping it on a mystique and non Eminem ”ic” level.




I was traveling with a friend of mine, was a super nice trip to Sitges and Barcelona! But I got a bit tired of traveling actually. Feels good to be back home. We missed one flight home because we accidentally ended up in another city outside Barcelona with a fast train instead of the airport which is close. So we booked a trip to Copenhagen instead, where I spend my ”valentine”. What a damn adventure. I needed that tho.

It was a fun valentine but I rather would have spend it with someone else than random but nice people. When I got home to Stockholm, the taxi driver was very odd and drove to far away from my home, I got scared, because I only live 6 minutes away from the central station. Now I am home, finally.




Listen to this amazing song by Gundelach. He just got signed with a big records label. I wish this great Norwegian musician good luck because he gave some sleepless nights of mine great music to listen to.

I might have worked for the biggest commercial radio house in Scandinavia -SBS Radio- including radio stations such as NRJ, Mix megapol, Rockklassiker, Vinyl, 107,5. And I might work with pop music now, even writing songs.


My passion today is, everything else than commercial -anything- music, clothes, design, people. you name it.

Be yourself.