Hello you all. My self.

Sitting here in a amazing apartment in Korte Princegracht which is in the center of Amsterdam and eating lasagne and drinking sangria. I have already been here for 2 night and will stay 10 more days until I leave for Dublin for a month and then back to Amsterdam. I am moving here! I am officially a expat = highly skilled professional immigrant. Lets see for how long I will stay this time.

I did not chose Amsterdam myself, I chose the job and with that came this Amazing location. Amsterdam is perfect for me, young and highly vibrant with a lot of professionals.

I’ve career changed. Moved from one career to another. The thing is, I have tried a lot of jobs. I was lucky being able to work with my passions too but I’ve noticed that I concentrated on the wrongs things in career. Unfortunately for some people passion for something is not what they are suppose to work with. Or maybe not ”unfortunately” because we do not actually know what is right or wrong in this case. I followed my passion but what actually gives me energy and drive in my work, is not my passion. So I choose a job that gave me the things that actually drives me. I am still not 100 % sure what really drives me but if you get a combination of a lot of things that might give you energy then you are successful.

I actually saw a very interesting speech from a previous student of university of San Diego and he said a good thing which was ”If you do not follow your passion then make what you want your passion”.



Out traveling

Of course, did not even pack out my bag before I started to back another one. I am traveling around balkan and will be in Montenegro, Kosovo, Croatia and Albania for 2 weeks.

It is so beautiful here, if you are a GOT fan u probably know some scenes were made here. I try to relax but I realized that I am never truly relaxed, always something on my mind.

My family is amazing. Missed them so much.