Feeling so old now to say this, but I miss the 90s. There is just nothing with modern life that is as good as it was then. Or it is just adults life?

Everything just feels so planned and structured, my life turned out to be ”the office”. I am currently spending a lot of time at the office, thank god there are fun people and it is a new city because I have been there at ”the office” in my old city of Stockholm, which I know inside out and with less fun people. There is just nothing more boring than where there is nothing exciting and new.

90s with colorful clothes and that attitude, that dance moves and school and all the different characters at school, the popular mean girls, the shy girl, the sports fanatics the ”bullied or bullies” today there is just a boss and workers pretty much. Well at least the ones I know have good character or it would be boring.

It is crazy how dependent I am of how things are around me, if something is not feeling ok or like I want it to be around. Then my whole world falls apart. I am working hard for living the life in which I feel good in, or I would get seriously depressed. Been there, not fun.




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