Had an amazing and intense week in Bad Gastein near Salzburg in Austria one week ago. We went skiing everyday for around 6-8 hours and after that ”After ski” for a couple of hours and then sleep and up again. There was a lot of Jägermaister and beer, a lot of dancing and fun and unhealthy food. When I got back home, I was forced to rest for many days not doing anything. I cant call this trip healthy but it was very enjoyable.

”After ski” places we went to was mostly ”Silverbullet” and ”haeggblomms bar”, that I can truly recommend. Måns Zelmerlöv was surprisingly in town and played at Silverbullet one night, not a big fan but because I worked for Commersial Radio once I had to say hi!

The thing I am the most proud of is that I dared doing off pist one day. I don’t think I am bad at skiing it is just that I did not really trust my body being so hangover and tired almost everyday so I did not really dare to do anything the first days. It was very fun except that one of us fell when we were going by a very thin road.

I love Austria and I think that the Austrian German is the  most beautiful German there is, it sound like music. And also the country is one of my favorite countries in Europe. I was hiking during summer in Innsbruk about 3 years ago and I was happy to be back in the Austrian Alps! Vienna is also amazing, was there about 2 years ago during winter, would love to visit that city during summer one day and my friends over there.

The Photo is from offpist in Sportgastein.




Sports and fashion does not always go along well but when doing vinter sports, it is a part of the game. I went on a small ski trip to ”Romme” in Sweden last week with a coworker, it was sunny and the snow was perfect. My skiing clothes are not quite as beautiful as the Goldberghs above but I got warm anyway.



I was traveling with a friend of mine, was a super nice trip to Sitges and Barcelona! But I got a bit tired of traveling actually. Feels good to be back home. We missed one flight home because we accidentally ended up in another city outside Barcelona with a fast train instead of the airport which is close. So we booked a trip to Copenhagen instead, where I spend my ”valentine”. What a damn adventure. I needed that tho.

It was a fun valentine but I rather would have spend it with someone else than random but nice people. When I got home to Stockholm, the taxi driver was very odd and drove to far away from my home, I got scared, because I only live 6 minutes away from the central station. Now I am home, finally.