Had an amazing and intense week in Bad Gastein near Salzburg in Austria one week ago. We went skiing everyday for around 6-8 hours and after that ”After ski” for a couple of hours and then sleep and up again. There was a lot of Jägermaister and beer, a lot of dancing and fun and unhealthy food. When I got back home, I was forced to rest for many days not doing anything. I cant call this trip healthy but it was very enjoyable.

”After ski” places we went to was mostly ”Silverbullet” and ”haeggblomms bar”, that I can truly recommend. Måns Zelmerlöv was surprisingly in town and played at Silverbullet one night, not a big fan but because I worked for Commersial Radio once I had to say hi!

The thing I am the most proud of is that I dared doing off pist one day. I don’t think I am bad at skiing it is just that I did not really trust my body being so hangover and tired almost everyday so I did not really dare to do anything the first days. It was very fun except that one of us fell when we were going by a very thin road.

I love Austria and I think that the Austrian German is the  most beautiful German there is, it sound like music. And also the country is one of my favorite countries in Europe. I was hiking during summer in Innsbruk about 3 years ago and I was happy to be back in the Austrian Alps! Vienna is also amazing, was there about 2 years ago during winter, would love to visit that city during summer one day and my friends over there.

The Photo is from offpist in Sportgastein.